Functional Dry Needling

Trigger point dry needling is an excellent adjunct to most therapeutic treatment plans. Dry needling can assist in reducing pain in chronic and acute musculoskeletal conditions. Check out our FAQ section for more information.


Every sport is different. Every athlete is different. Every body is different. This means that athletes have different needs for their chosen sport. Working with myPT in 60 minute long, one-on-one sessions allows each athlete to focus on his or her unique needs.

There is no recipe for success, no lock-step regimen that guarantees you will perform at your best within a certain time frame. Training within a customized, appropriately dosed, meticulously crafted plan ensures that each athlete reaches his or her goal…without set-backs due to injury. Proper form equals optimal performance. myPT will analyze your movement patterns to determine what impairments you have. Hands on treatment techniques will be used to relieve restrictions and corrective exercises will be performed to correct poor and potentially damaging movement patterns.



Orthopedic injuries range from tendonitis to strains to tears or even breaks. These are scary words. Understanding your problem is at the heart of recovery. Understanding how the problem started is at the heart of developing a treatment program. At myPT, educating the individual is one of the first steps to rehabilitation. You will receive hands-on care, but also a deeper understanding of which movements are right for your body. Each person has a unique biomechanical composition, and each person requires treatments that address the requirements of his or her musculoskeletal system.


What if I told you that you CAN move better with less or no medication? Pain is a symptom of dysfunction. Pain is not something to train through. Pain is not something to live with. Pain CAN get better. Pain is your body is telling you something and you have to listen to it and respect it. If you can’t speak the same language as your body, myPT can translate. Patients frequently arrive at physical therapy with a chronic pain issue. myPT can perform a comprehensive systems assessment to figure out the source of your pain. Your journey does not begin when you walk through the door. Very likely it began weeks, months, or years ago. Understanding why you started hurting in the first place is of utmost importance in living a better life. Changing long-standing habits or quickly-learned compensations can greatly improve your level of pain.



At myPT, injury prevention is paramount in long-term health and wellness. In the confines of most PT practices, prevention is not covered under insurance plans or it may be deemed an unimportant part of individual fitness. myPT will assess and re-assess your specific movement patterns to create a functional blueprint of your body and highlight any weaknesses in your patterns. Corrective exercises with guided progressions will ensure that you continue to move better as you perform. When you move better, you will feel better, perform better and be better…for longer.


Most of us spend between 30 and 50 hours a week at work or getting to work. We are sitting ourselves to death. So we stand, then we hurt. Why? Your positional job requirements are as important and unique as your body. myPT can help you feel better at your job which will help you do your job better. Workplace ergonomics are often overlooked as contributors to pain or dysfunction. myPT can assess your workplace set-up to determine your body’s needs and adjust accordingly.



Surgery is not a success until you have returned to what you love. myPT will guide your through each phase of rehab post-operatively to ensure that you meet prescribed milestones safely and efficiently. Most people “have that friend who said physical therapy was the most painful thing ever”. At myPT, we listen to post-operative pain. You will not “push through the pain”. You will be educated on your surgery and expectations for each step of rehab along the way. Your therapist will guide you as your body tells you it is ready for the next step. In your 60 minutes of one-on-one time you can discuss your concerns, progress, expectations or with a skilled therapist who understands where you have been and how to move forward. myPT understands the intricacies of post-operative rehab and has successfully guided patients through post-operative rehab for shoulder, hip, knee, foot/ankle, elbow and wrist surgeries among professional athletes, moms, weekend warriors, collegiate athletes and even orthopedic surgeons.

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