I went to Virginia for therapy for a back injury after suffering for 6 weeks in a barely-functional state. I had been to PT before, but never like this. Virginia’s approach to PT is so different from anyone else I’ve ever been to.

For starters, I felt relief after her first treatment. I attribute that to her keen diagnosis, which she explained in detail each step of the way, and her application of dry needles with hands on work and stretching. My experience with other therapists hasn’t ever been this comprehensive. She also helped me maintain the momentum of my recovery with a customized take-home exercise program. She gave me a speedy path back to my normal day-to-day.

B. Kessman

She’s so smart!

J. Rhie

I am a 61-year-old Judoka Player (Judo Player). Two things in that one sentence make me prone to injury:

1) Playing Judo

2) Being 61-years-old.

As expected, I had an obturator injury which affects the hips and pelvis. My prognosis for a rapid recovery was slim. After following my doctors advice for about a week, I realized the ‘ole RICE treatment wasn’t going to reduce any pain, nor was it going to speedup my recovery.  I was struggling to sleep at night. I’d have to wake up to turnover in bed. Enough was enough…I met with Virginia, AKA “the PT lady”.

I kid you not, after my first treatment my pain level was cut in half, giving me the first good night’s sleep in 10 days. Within 20 days I was back to doing limited Judo play. My doc said at least 8 weeks until I could return to Judoka. He was wrong. I did treatment every week for about a month. I have since fully recovered and I was given a regimen of warm-up routines which helps me avoid any repeat injury. I use these routines every day and I must say, my mobility  has not been this good in years.

D. Silfen

Virginia is a miracle worker, but with all the scientific knowledge to back it up. I originally saw her for a chronic lower back issue. Along with the low back, she has treated a number of other related issues.

As a CrossFitter, there are often random issues that pop up and patterns that I still need to improve on. I still see her occasionally for a “tune-up”. I always walk out of my appointment not only feeling and moving better, but having learned what I need to work on.

She takes the time and care to figure out the real culprit of the pain or improper movement pattern. Then she works to relieve the pain and help you move better. She’s been creative to give me things that are both within my limits and that I’ll actually want to do. I’ve recommended at least 6 friends to Virginia knowing they are in wonderful and knowledgeable hands. Extra bonus points for being an awesome and hilarious person to spend an hour with!

A. Utevsky